What you need to win at Blackjack

Winning at Blackjack and that is to say, making money and walking away from the Blackjack table a winner, will require an amount of self-discipline.  If you are playing seriously and at the table with a mission then you will need to come prepared mentally and physically.  Know what kind of gambler you are, go in with a game plan and total understanding of the game and with a Zen-like clarity towards your purpose of beating the dealer.

The Purpose of this Blackjack Guide

The sole-purpose of this guide is to assist our readers in setting goals at winning at Blackjack, and helping them to meet those goals.  Reading this guide will help our readers in reducing losses at the Blackjack table and increase their odds in building a substantial bankroll.

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What kind of Blackjack player are you?

Self-knowledge is extremely important to the Blackjack player.  While the concentration is on the game, the player’s experience, quirks and triggers all play a factor in the style of gameplay.  Are you a hothead that is easily goaded into a dare?  Are you a cool and collected secret agent that can never be rattled?  Being aware of when to walk away (a loss limit) is just as important as having a basic knowledge of odds and knowledge of Blackjack.  Hotheads tend to chase losses and make erratic wagers.  Even someone that is a cool and collected card counting expert can be rattled, but the good player will not let that affect their plays.

This is why this online Blackjack guide starts off with addressing self-control.  Not only does self-control apply to responsible gambling, but it also applies to being a good Blackjack player.  This is especially so when playing online Blackjack.  With online Blackjack, there are more variables of the unlimited variety which includes, total access to alcoholic beverages, quick access to funds and credit cards and the feeling of comfort.  At a Blackjack table in a land based casino, drinks are plentiful, but you still have to wait for one to arrive.  At that same land casino, access to funds is more controlled in that you have to walk to a cashier or ATM to replenish a bankroll.  And, even though those chairs at the casino are comfy, there is nothing more secure feeling than being at home.  These are the reasons that self-discipline are so important to the online Blackjack player.  Set limits on your time at the table, your adult drinks and how much you are willing to lose.

Keep your wits and keep your cool.  If you are in a winning streak, chase that until it starts dropping into your acceptable losses.  It is when you get into a losing cycle and chase those losses; that any advantages of skill the player has simply go out the window.

The Physicality of Blackjack

Never sit at the table if you are tired or physically strained or in pain.  It is a fact that your physical state affects your mental state and playing Blackjack is about 90% brain work and concentration.  You don’t necessarily have to do one-hundred pushups before playing, but if your arm has an itch that is annoying or you’ve recently broken your arm, you might want to consider waiting until those distractions have subsided.

The Mentality of the Blackjack Player

Blackjack is the one game aside from Chess where concentration is key.  Playing with a full plate of problems, worries, or nagging thoughts can directly affect the choices the player makes at the table.  Go into each game with a clear head.

Knowledge is Power Winning

We made mention of Chess earlier and just as in Chess, knowing the rules and available strategies for Blackjack is half the battle.  This guide to Blackjack and its quick reference guides can be the best tool in preparing you for winning at Blackjack.

What is Your Game Plan? 

Know what you want from each session of Blackjack that you play.  Having set objectives such as an amount you want to win or a stop limit will help the player stay in control of the game.

Keep a Win/Loss Journal

Keeping a journal of your wins and losses will simply make you a more informed player.  This goes back to self-knowledge and self-control.  Having this journal as a reference will give the player keen insight into what needs to be adjusted, tweaked, and improved upon to strengthen their style of play.

Choice of Venue

This guide is applicable to playing Blackjack online and at any Casino from Macau to Las Vegas.  If your interest lies in playing Blackjack online, please refer to our list of whitelisted online casinos and take advantage of the starting bonuses for Blackjack players.

Summary of What Readers will Gain from this Guide

In short, this guide will provide you with the toolset that you need to consistently win at Blackjack.  We have sections for card counting, Blackjack systems and Blackjack strategies as well as the basic rules.  We do suggest reading through the entire guide, try not to skim through it and take as much as you can to the tables.  Learning advanced topics such as card splitting and the rules of different variations of the game such as Australian Blackjack (Pontoon) are important for the serious player.

Our Credentials

This guide is written as the collaborative efforts of James C. Mackey (myself) and Alfonse Pritchett.  We have worked in the online gambling entertainment industry for twenty-years each.  Alfonse is a retired Airlines pilot and spends most of his time playing Blackjack either online or in a Las Vegas casino.  I am a bit younger than Alfonse and have not yet retired, probably another thirty-years for that.  I am professional writer, gambler and all around good guide, or so my wife tells me.  I honestly don’t have time to use Facebook or Twitter but I do respond very frequently to well-written email requests or friendly correspondence.  If you would like to contact me please use jamescmackey1978@gmail.com.

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